Martha’s Ministry

Martha’s Ministry is a group to invite more members of our parish to take stewardship for the events and activities that require some ā€œhelping handsā€.  It is so deemed Marthaā€™s Ministry in honor of Jesusā€™ dear friend who concerned Herself with the ā€œdetailsā€ of hospitality.  It is our hope, that many will come forward to participate in this wonderful means of practicing Stewardship and so help maintain the vibrancy of our beloved parish. 

Ministry is open Teens, Young Adults, Married Couples, Single Men & Women, Seniors…Young and Old alike.  Whatever talents you can offer as our events come along during the year!   Participate as your schedule and Ability dictate.  A no commitment committee!  If you would like to join please contact the parish office.


Modern ā€˜Marthasā€™ Prepare Parish for the Easter Vigil